Backyard Refinery System Review - Is Jeff Cole’s Backyard Refinery Book really good for you? Check out my honest and well examine Backyard Refinery eBook Review before you deciding to Buy…

Product Name : Backyard Refinery

Product Author : Jeff Cole

Official Website : CLICK HERE

Backyard Refinery Review:

Are you eagerly searching the best product for slash your gas bills and oil bills? Here is the best solution for you, “Backyard Refinery” which is created by Jeff Cole. It is plastic-to-oil product, This program help to create wonderful system for cut oil bills using waste plastic without any expensive things. In this program you will get the entire step-by-step instructional guide and illustrations showing you exactly how to build the Backyard Refinery. Backyard Refinery will immediately slash your monthly utility bill by 70%, 80%, or even 100%. Using this program you will know all that energy is costing you absolutely zero dollars and causing you zero stress or worry.

What Is Backyard Refinery?

Backyard Refinery is a step by step comprehensive program. First, the Backyard Refinery includes a detailed list all of the materials and parts that you’ll need…Which amounts to 6 pieces total that you can get at our local WalMart for under $50. Second, the Backyard Refinery includes step-by-step directions and detailed illustrations for every single step. Third, it also comes with a video of building an entire Backyard Refinery system, the same one we’re using right now from start to finish. Total, all of the parts and materials needed for the whole Backyard Refinery system will cost you less than $100. This product saving an extra $2,400 or even an extra $1,000 every single year is a huge deal for most families.

The Way Of Working Process – Backyard Refinery:

Purposefully made the Backyard Refinery as simple to build as possible. There aren’t that many parts required to begin with, but our assembly guide, and the over-the-shoulder videos make the entire build process a cinch.

  • First, we grabbed a 50-gallon drum from the local junkyard totally for free.

  • Second, we needed a heat source, so we used an oil-fired burner that we setup underneath the big 50-gallon drum.
  • Third, we put a hole in the lid of the drum and fit some basic plastic tubing over the hole.
  • Fourth, we ran the plastic tubing straight down into a 5-gallon water jug that we also grabbed while we were at the junk yard.

How To Get Oil From Backyard Refinery?

  • First, you will collect a bunch of plastic from your recycling bin.
  • Then, shoved it into the “breakdown chamber”, which was that drum that insulated really well.
  • After sealed the lid on the top of the drum, fired up the oil burner and it only took about a minute to get piping hot inside there.
  • A couple minutes later, you could see the smoky gas start to flow out of the breakdown chamber and through the hose.
  • Well, now that the oil turned into a gas and it needed to cool back down so that it would turn back into liquid oil.
  • In order to collect the oil off the surface of the water, you could drain only the oil without draining any of the water.


  • You’ll get the over-the-shoulder videos that put you right there with us for every single step of the way.
  • This was a very basic pyrolysis system, but we just wanted to be able to test our theory and see if it worked.
  • It is user friendly guide. It saves your money and time.
  • Backyard Refinery is little oil refinery that will slash your heating bill by 30%.
  • It is pretty good especially if you consider that a typical car uses 4 liters of oil in the engine.
  • You will using wasted plastics from your trash cans to bring pure oil straight into your home.
  • You’ll be absolutely furious that you ever sent a single penny of your hard earned money to your gas and electric monopoly.


  • Consistency is the key to success. You have to be consistent to maximize this program.
  • Without internet connection you cannot access this program, because this is online program. Not is stores and shops.

Final Summary:

Overall, Backyard Refinery is highly recommended! Over 25,500 Americans are already using this exact same “plastic-to-oil converter” to get out from under the greasy thumb of big electric, big oil, and big energy. This program comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee. That’s right if you want your money back for any reason at all during the first 60 days, just let them know and they’ll return it no questions asked. Finally getting rid of your electric and gas bill…And doing it all with a few plastic bags and bottles. Try it Now!

-- Click Here To Download The Backyard Refinery PDF Now --

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